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Queens Car Accident

A car accident can be a traumatic experience for both the driver and the passengers of the vehicle. Following an injury in a car accident, it’s within the victim’s best interest to hire an attorney with experience litigating car accident cases in Queens. The importance of hiring an attorney with experience in these kinds of cases cannot be overstated as the law in Queens and New York City is extremely complex in these types of cases. At Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool, our Queens car accident lawyers have decades of combined experience handling these types of cases. Our firm understands the complexities involved in car accident cases that occur in Queens. Additionally we understand the hardships that may be forced on passengers and drivers who have been involved in a serious car accident. As a result, our firm will pursue maximum compensation for any damages you may have suffered due to another driver’s negligence.

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Minimum Car Accident Insurance Coverage in Queens

New York has strict requirements for minimum car insurance coverage for every motorist.

  • $25,000 per person for personal injury protection
  • $50,000 per person for wrongful death protection
  • $10,000 for property damage protection.
  • $100,000 per person insurance coverage for vehicles for hire, i.e. Yellow Taxi Cabs, Limousines, black car or other livery vehicles.
  • $300,000 per accident for vehicles for hire.

These values are the minimum amount of coverage that is mandatory for every driver on the road. In many cases, however, motorists choose to pay more than the minimum for car insurance coverage.

Additionally, New York is a state that has No-Fault coverage. No-Fault coverage is built into every New York motorist’s basic liability coverage. This coverage ensures that in any car accident, a patient’s medical bills—and in some cases lost wages—up to a point will be covered by their own insurance. In cases of serious injury, however, the compensation provided by No-Fault coverage is not enough to make up for the damages suffered in the crash. In these instances, an injured individual may file a personal injury claim to recoup compensation for any damages beyond what is covered by their own insurance.

Some injuries that we typically see resulting in a lawsuit include but are not limited to:

  • Broken bones
  • Body disfigurement
  • Permanent disability of an organ or limb
  • Limitation of a bodily system or function.
  • Amputations
  • Wrongful death
  • Back, neck, or spine injuries
  • Severe burns
  • Significant head injuries
Comparative Fault Rules for Queens Car Accidents

New York is one of the states that can be categorized as a “pure comparative negligence” state. Comparative fault refers to the method that New York State employs in order to fairly calculate your compensation from a car accident. For example, if an oncoming driver wants to make a left turn without checking if the road is clear, and you are driving a few miles per hour over the speed limit and you both collide, then a jury may decide that the other driver was 80% at fault for the accident and you bear 20% of the blame because you were speeding. New York State would then calculate the amount of compensation you are entitled to depending on your percentage of fault. For instance, under the aforementioned scenario, if your damages amount to $10,000 and you are 20% at fault for the accident, then you would be entitled to $8,000.

Steps to Take at the Scene of the Accident

There are certain steps individuals who have been in car accidents should take immediately following the accident. These steps are important because they’ll limit your liability as well as provide you with evidence of negligence in case you need to file a lawsuit:

  • Stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so without obstructing oncoming traffic.
  • Locate the other driver(s) or pedestrians that were involved in the accident, and provide them with your name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, insurance information, and the vehicle registration number. You may also want to get the phone numbers of other pedestrians that witnessed the accident as they could provide vital testimony should you choose to file a lawsuit.
  • In the case of a serious accident where people get injured, provide reasonable assistance, which may include but are not limited to: calling 911and providing important information to the emergency services when they arrive.
  • In the event of a car accident in Queens, make certain to contact the NYPD in order to make a report of the accident. A police report can be vital toward your car accident lawsuit.
  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident. These pictures, when possible, should include the exact location of the accident, and both cars that were involved in the accident.
How can a Queens Car Accident Attorney Help You

If you decide to hire one of our skilled Queens car accident attorneys, we will begin by conducting a thorough investigation of your accident. Our firm will investigate all aspects of your car accident, including taking any necessary pictures and interviewing potential witnesses. In cases where the police were involved, we will acquire the accident report from the authorities and review it to see how it helps your case. We will hire experts to calculate your lost wages and potential earnings, as well as, hire medical professionals to provide details regarding the injuries you incurred, speculate on the cost of future necessary medical bills, and the degree of pain and suffering you may have been forced to endure immediately after the accident.

At Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool, we have been defending the rights of car accident victims in Queens for over 50 years. Over that time our firm has demonstrated a history of sustained success, collecting over $1 billion for our clients. It is important to note that our firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means that our services are free unless we recover you compensation. For a free consultation, call our office at 212.406.1700 or contact us online.

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