Top 5 Things To Do If You Have Been Involved in a Car AccidentCar accidents can have long term negative effects on injured individuals and their families. Victims of car accidents may face debilitating injuries, such as brain damage, burns, broken bones, amputations, and internal bleeding. The injuries suffered in car accidents may force the victims and their families to face a number of hardships, such as emotional and financial strain. In addition to severe injuries, car accidents often prove to be fatal. There are many things you need to do if you have been involved in a car accident.
As a quick guide, these are the Top 5 things you should do if you are in a car accident:1. Make sure that everybody involved is safe and, if not, call 911 immediately. Your health and the health of anyone involved in the accident are of the utmost importance and should always be the first priority. You should make sure everyone is safe and take any steps necessary to make sure everyone remains safe following an accident. If you or someone involved is injured, 911 should be called immediately.2. Call the Police. When the police arrive, tell the police officer what happened as truthfully and accurately as possible. Do not make any guesses and do not speculate. It is better to say that you are not sure about something than guess wrong. If you are injured, tell the Police Officer where you are hurt. Sometimes, injuries are not always apparent at the scene of the accident. If you are not sure if you are hurt, it is better to tell the police officer you are not sure than to say you are not hurt. Also, listen to what the other people at the scene are saying and make sure they are saying things accurately. Tell the police officer if you disagree with what someone is saying. Remember to get all the information about the police officer, precinct, etc. so you can obtain the police report later on.

3. Exchange Information. Hopefully, everyone involved in the accident has insurance and has their insurance information with them This needs to be given to the police and anyone involved in the accident. In addition, if the police do not come, it is important to get the full names, addresses and telephone numbers of all people involved. If there were witnesses, it is critical to get their information as well so they can be contacted, if necessary, to verify how the accident occurred.

4. Seek Medical Attention. If you are injured or suspect that you might be injured, call an ambulance and go to the Hospital. When injuries occur in a car accident, often emergency medical treatment is necessary and time may be of the essence in making sure that you receive the necessary and proper treatment for your injuries. The Police will often call the ambulance after assessing the situation. Also, this may become important to document where you have been hurt and the causal relationship between your injuries and the accident.

5. Contact an Experienced Attorney. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is critical for you or a family member on your behalf to contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases involving automobile accidents. The attorney will be able to conduct a thorough investigation, obtain all documents and photographs, and insure all paperwork is properly filed. This will allow you to do what is most necessary for yourself – recover your health and take care of your injuries without worrying if your rights are adequately protected.

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