Top 5 Things To Do After a Construction Site Accident

Construction sites present many potential hazards to workers. As a result, many serious injuries can occur if workers fail to act responsibly. At Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool, our firm represents workers who have suffered any type of negligence-related injury on the work site.

These are the top 5 things you should do if you have been injured at a construction site in New York:

  1. Report the accident. This is the most important thing you can do following an accident for multiple reasons. In the construction industry, the reality is that many accidents are unreported. Often, workers are not legal residents and fear reporting an accident will jeopardize their job or immigration status. Other times, construction companies do not want an accident reported because it will reflect badly on their safety practices and could lead to OSHA investigations and/or penalties. Despite these concerns, an accident must be reported to your foreman, supervisor or whomever else is in charge. Not only does this document the accident and exactly what happened, it also puts them on notice of a potentially unsafe condition so they can take steps to prevent others from getting injured in the same unsafe area.
  2. Seek medical care. If you have sustained an injury at a construction site, you should seek immediate medical care. Call 911 yourself or have a co-worker do it for you. With many injuries, time is of the essence as far as proper diagnosis and treatment are concerned. This is not the time to be a “tough guy” and hope you are feeling better the next day. Furthermore, the seeking of immediate medical treatment helps to document the fact that an accident occurred and you sustained an injury as a result. Often times, construction companies will deny that an accident occurred and will deny the details of the accident. A medical record which documents the accident and injury can be very persuasive evidence to a Court concerning an accident.
  3. Names and Photos. If you have been injured in a construction site accident, you may not be able to get photos of the scene or the names of any witnesses to the accident. In those situations, you should ask a co-worker to do that for you as soon as possible. A couple of photos with a cell phone to document the unsafe condition is all that is really needed before the condition changes. Also, if you are unable, ask a co-worker to write down the names and addresses of any witnesses to the accident. This is very important because a thorough investigation must be done as quickly as possible. Memories fade and witnesses can be influenced by external factors such as fear of repercussions. By securing their cooperation early, you are taking away the time for outside influences to do irreparable damage.
  4. Workers Compensation. By law in New York, your company must provide you with Workers Compensation insurance coverage to protect you in the event you are injured on a construction site. These benefits will cover your medical treatment and lost earnings to the extent allowed by the law in New York. However, you must prepare and file a report of the accident with your employer in order to receive the Workers Compensation benefits. The report is not lengthy, but there are certain rules and time limits which must be followed to insure that you receive the full benefits to which you are entitled.
  5. Contact an experience New York construction site accident lawyer. Your primary concern following any accident should be getting the medical attention you need to help recover from your injuries. An experienced New York construction site accident attorney has the knowledge and resources to support you in this regard by doing all the necessary paperwork and investigation which would help you obtain a successful result. By hiring the right law firm, you can concentrate on getting better while knowing that your case is being handled in a competent and professional way.

Due to the complex nature of construction accident lawsuits, it’s within the best interest of victims to seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. At Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool, our attorneys have decades of combined experience. Our attorneys’ experience combined with a unique knowledge of the law has led to a number of enviable verdicts and settlements.

If you have suffered an injury in a construction accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for any damages incurred. Please call 212-406-1700 or contact us online for a free case evaluation from Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool. We will do anything in our power to help you secure the compensation you may be entitled to.