Pedestrian Knockdown in Queens Leaves Mother and Two Children Injured

Pedestrian knockdowns on New York sidewalks are a frightening experience for the victims because the accident usually comes out of nowhere when the victims believe they are in the relative safety of a sidewalk. As reported by CBS New York, a 2-year-old, a 3-year-old and their mother were hit by a car that jumped a curb in Far Rockaway, Queens Wednesday. The victims were all taken to a local hospital, the extent of their injuries is unknown at this time. The driver of the offending vehicle was taken into custody by the New York City Police Department.

Due to New York City’s massive size and heavy traffic, accidents causing severe injury to pedestrians occur frequently. Injuries to pedestrians who have been hit by a vehicle are often debilitating. Common injuries include broken bones, internal bleeding, and brain damage. Furthermore, pedestrians represent half of the fatalities caused by traffic accidents in New York City. A study by the New York City Department of Transportation from 1996 through 2005 found that 1,944 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents. The injuries suffered by a pedestrian who has been hit by a vehicle may permanently alter the course of their life.

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