There are a lot of different aspects to the litigation process that you will get to experience and understand if you file a personal injury lawsuit.

One of the most known aspects of the process is cross-examination. Cross-examination is an opportunity for each attorney to ask questions of the witnesses brought forth by the other side during trial.

You see this interaction a lot in both movies and television as these cross-examinations play out into dramatic moments full of surprises. In real life it’s not as dramatic but can be remarkably revealing.

Cross-examinations begin with asking each witness about how they are related to the case. They could be an eyewitness to the scene of the accident, painting the picture of how your injuries occurred. Or they could be an expert witness here to testify on your behalf regarding your medical health and how your injuries affect you now and into the future.

With each of these witnesses, the attorneys are using their testimony to present your case and prove their side is right. In car accident cases, attorneys must prove that the fault of the accident and subsequent injury was likely caused by the other driver. By asking each witness questions, we’re able to go step by step through the accident case, your injuries, and how your future will look.

Getting information out of witnesses during a cross-examination can be a difficult task. Most people do not want to admit fault or that they had any part in causing or contributing to your injuries. But as experienced attorneys, we’re looking to prove your case and do so by asking tough questions that fully cover the extent of your accident. This allows us to probe for the truth in how you were harmed so that you can win your personal injury lawsuit and get the compensation you deserve.

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