Five People Injured When Police Car Crashes into Cupcake Truck in Queens

In a rather strange motor vehicle accident on Monday, a New York City Police Department vehicle crashed into a parked food delivery truck on a residential street in Queens. According to a report in the New York Post, 5 people were injured, including the two police officers in the NYPD vehicle and Little Debbie Cupcakes were spilled out onto the street.

In an accident like this one, which involves a police vehicle, very specific laws and rules are in place with regard to the filing requirements and the time limits for filing a Notice of Claim and a lawsuit. Claims and lawsuits against New York Municipalities (including the New York City Police Department) are subject to the filing requirements of the New York General Municipal Law. It is imperative for persons injured in this type of accident, involving a vehicle owned and operated by a municipality, to have legal representation by attorneys who are knowledgeable of both the General Municipal Law and motor vehicle accident litigation in New York.

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