Cosmetic Buttocks Injection Takes Life of 31-year Old Harlem Woman - "Clinic" Under Investigation

Cosmetic procedures at New York clinics are the subject of much scrutiny and publicity in recent years. Questions exist over their regulation, licensing, and safety protocols. Another tragedy, reported by CBS New York, involved the death of a 31-year old Harlem woman named Latesha Bynum who passed away shortly after she received a cosmetic injection into her buttocks. Questions arose as the “clinic” where the procedure was done appeared to be in a purely residential building. Although it was reported that the people working there were licensed medical professionals, a police investigation is ongoing.

The police investigation should be the start, not the end, of the inquiry into this tragedy. The death of this woman could be potentially due to an act of medical malpractice which should be fully investigated by competent New York Medical Malpractice attorneys who can insure that justice is provided to the family of Ms. Bynum.

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