Child Injured in Brooklyn by Concrete Falling From Elevated Subway Track

The City of New York and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority have a duty to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. That duty includes conducting reasonable and proper inspections to insure that their property is safe and will not unreasonably injure people using or near the property.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday April 26, 2016, at approximately 2 pm, during the Chol Hamoed festival, pieces of loose concrete broke off of elevated subway tracks in Flatbush and struck a child attending a children’s fair underneath the elevated subway tracks. According to a report in the New York Post, the pieces of concrete fell from the B/Q tracks just above the Avenue M stop as a train passed overhead and struck a young boy injuring his face and hands. The MTA is still investigating the incident.

People can sue the City of New York or other public agencies for compensation for injuries that occurred because of:

  • Poor maintenance in public buildings such as torn carpets, slippery or wet floors and weak or broken stair rails
  • Injuries that occur in NY public housing, hospitals or school buildings because of defects or negligence
  • Broken pavement
  • Potholes

Our attorneys know how matters involving public building safety should be developed. Once we accept a case, we consult with the best experts in fields such as medicine, safety, engineering and finance to determine how the injury affected your life and future.

Time Is Especially Important – Act Quickly

Unlike other types of personal injury claims, lawsuits against the City of New York or other public entities are governed by much stricter time limitations.. The injured person must file a Notice of Claim within 90 days of the injury, informing the City of New York of his or her intention to sue. The lawsuit must be filed before a year and 90 days have elapsed after the accident.

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