A Metro-North train derailed in the Bronx early Sunday morning. The accident left over 70 people injured and another four dead. The train had been headed toward Grand Central terminal when it careened at high speed around a sharp turn next to the Hudson River and derailed. The crash was the deadliest New York City train derailment in over two decades. Sadly, it appears the accident may have been avoidable if not for human error.

According to the New York Times, the train was traveling far too fast as it approached the turn where the accident occurred. The curve where the derailment occurred is known to be one of the sharpest in the region and has a maximum speed limit of 30 m.p.h. Despite the danger posed by the sharp turn, the train approached the curve at a speed of 82 m.p.h. While the National Transportation Safety Board—who are leading the investigation into the accident—initially cautioned that they had not yet determined whether the accident was caused by human error, evidence has emerged that operator error may have been the cause. According to CNN, the engineer of the train, William Rockefeller, told investigators that he had been in a daze moments before the train derailed. Due to the combination of the train’s high speed at the time of derailment and Mr. Rockefeller’s statement to investigators, the MTA could be facing a number of lawsuits relating to the crash.

Engineers are required by law to act in a safe and responsible manner when operating trains. When a train’s engineer acts negligently, they may be liable for any injuries that

result. Should the investigation definitively show that the accident occurred due to Mr. Rockefeller’s negligence, Metro-North may be liable for any injuries that occurred. In a lawsuit, individuals who suffered serious injuries in the crash may be able to receive compensation for any financial damages incurred, such as medical bills or lost wages. Furthermore, crash victims may be able to recover compensation for any emotional trauma caused by the derailment. As a result, victims should not hesitate to seek the counsel of a skilled vehicle accident lawyer.

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