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What Will I Have to do for My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

What Will I Have To Do for My Personal Injury Lawsuit? NY Personal Injury Attorney Barry Washor 212.406.1700 New York medical malpractice attorney Barry Washor wants you to understand the role you're going to play in your personal injury lawsuit. You may be nervous and confused about whether you're going to appear in court, testify, or answer questions in front of a bunch of strangers. In the beginning, you will be needed for a great deal of time. You will need to be involved as information is gathered, depositions are taken, and the case begins to take shape. Then, as we wait for trial or settlement, you may be just sitting and waiting for a long period of time. This is completely common, as personal injury lawsuits can typically take one to two years to resolve. If you do need to go to court, you will need to answer questions in front of a judge and/or jury. But we will completely prepare you for this part of your case. We'll ask you the same questions they will, and we will make sure you're comfortable talking about your story. Watch this video to learn more. For more information, visit our educational website, where you can watch more videos about medical malpractice and personal injury law. If you have legal questions, I want you to call me at 212.406.1700. I welcome your call. Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool, L.L.P. 233 Broadway Suite 1800 New York, NY 10279 212.406.1700

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