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What to Consider When Choosing a New York Accident Lawyer

What to Consider When Choosing a New York Accident Lawyer - Attorney Jonny Kool Explains 212.406.1700 New York personal injury attorney Jonny Kool walks you through the things you should think about when you're considering hiring an attorney. If you've been involved in an accident, hiring an attorney can seem like a daunting task. But you should know that there are some key questions you can ask to gain some real knowledge about your attorney and if they are right for you. You first need to understand if the attorney you're speaking to works on a contingency fee basis. Most personal injury attorneys work in this way, they receive a percentage of your settlement or jury verdict if you win a case -- you owe them nothing if they lose your case. You also want to talk to the attorney about their experience and not just their settlements but verdicts as well. You need to know you have an attorney who will look out for you but will also go to bat for you when that's the best option. You want an attorney who can walk you through the entire process from first consultation to deposition to the trial, giving you as much time as you need to prepare and be ready for your case. With an experienced personal injury attorney, you not only get the knowledge that comes with experience but someone who can truly work with you to prepare the best strategy for your accident matter. Watch the video now to learn more. For more information about personal injury law and my firm, visit our educational website.

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