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What are Three Elements You Need to Prove Your Accident Case?

What Are Three Elements You Need To Prove Your Accident Case? -- NY Attorney Dallin Fuchs explains 212.406.1700 Listen as New York personal injury attorney Dallin Fuchs walks you through the elements you're going to need in order to prove your accident case. Each case we bring to court needs to meet several different criteria in order to prove your case. These criteria fall under liability, damages, and causation. We need to show that someone is liable for the accident in which you've suffered harms or losses. This can either be the other driver in a car accident or the doctor treating you in a medical malpractice matter. Either way, whoever was careless or showed negligence in your case has to be held responsible. We move on to proving your damages. These are the harms and losses you suffered such as lost wages, medical bills, prescription drugs, hospital stays, and all the other costs associated with your injuries. Your damages can also include non-economic items, as well. Finally, we bridge both liability and damages with causation. How exactly did the person involved in your accident cause or contribute to your injuries? Without any of the three elements, your case will not be successful, and we cannot prove that you deserve compensation. Watch this video to learn more. For more information, visit our educational website, where you read more about personal injury using our legal resources. If you have legal questions, I want you to call me at 212.406.1700. I welcome your call.

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