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Laceration & Bleeding

New York Lawyers Handling Cases Involving Bleeding and Other Surgical Complications

Laceration and bleeding as a result of surgical negligence or surgical malpractice can lead to life-threatening complications and death. The New York surgical injury attorneys at Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool, L.L.P., can help protect your rights in the wake of a serious surgical injury due to the negligence of a surgeon.

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Was an Organ Removed During Surgery Without Your Consent?

Surgical laceration of an organ can result in the surgeon having to remove the organ because of damage. If organs are removed during surgery without your consent, you should contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to help review your case and determine your rights.

Other Complications of Surgical Errors

Moreover, lacerations and perforations can lead to hemorrhaging or other serious medical problems that can have serious long-term medical consequences and can lead to amputations, paralysis, heart attack, stroke or serious infections.

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