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Knee Injuries

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All injuries to the knees and other joints are painful and impede your movement. In severe cases, your mobility may be limited for months or you may need knee replacement surgery. To cover the cost of medical bills and lost wages, contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

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Traumatic and Cumulative Knee Injuries

The knee joint is made of the lower end of the femur (thigh bone), the upper end of the tibia (lower leg bone) and the patella (kneecap). Large ligaments as well as cartilage (the meniscus) function to cushion the knee and absorb shock.

Knee injuries can be caused by slip-and-falls, blows to the leg or body, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and construction accidents. An accident with enough force can result in fractures as well as trauma to the muscles, ligaments and tendons, including:

  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears
  • Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) tears
  • Medial collateral ligament (MCL) tears
  • Torn meniscus (tear to the knee cartilage)
  • Proximal tibia fractures (break of the lower leg bone in the knee joint)
  • Patellar fractures (broken kneecap)
  • Quadriceps tendon tears

In addition to fractures and tears, cumulative trauma injuries can affect the knees. Overuse and repetitive motions such as lifting or carrying heavy items, operating heavy equipment and walking on uneven surfaces can cause these injuries. A cumulative trauma injury can cause pain, burning, discomfort, tingling, numbness or reduced range of motion that may be significant enough to prevent you from working or doing daily tasks.

Compensation for Surgery and Rehab

Knee replacement surgery usually means spending a few days in the hospital and may require in-home care or staying in a rehabilitative care facility. You may need to modify parts of your home and may not be able to drive for four to six weeks.

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