Two Children Sustain Life-Threatening Burns in Bronx Radiator Steam Explosion

Winter time in New York often results in increased reports of explosions from radiators, boilers and steam pipes in apartment buildings due their increased use as the weather gets colder. A tragedy was reported by the New York Daily News involving a radiator explosion in a Bronx apartment on Hunts Avenue near Lafayette Avenue in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. Two young girls, both under the age of 5, suffered life-threatening burns from a radiator steam explosion in their Bronx apartment. The girls were rushed by Paramedics to Lincoln Hospital with critical injuries, the details of which are not known at this time.

The critical question in this matter is, of course, what caused the radiator to explode. A detailed investigation must be undertaken to determine if the radiator was old, defective and importantly maintained by the landlord or managing agent for the building in question A claim of negligence could potentially be brought against the landlord or managing agent. on behalf of the children who sustained these injuries.

Explosion accidents occur in New York with an overwhelming propensity Accidents of this nature can cause victims to sustain debilitating and life-altering injuries in addition to resulting in the destruction of property. Unfortunately, a majority of explosions are a result of negligent behavior on the part of building owners, landlords, electricians or product manufacturers. It is imperative that these individuals and corporations be held liable for their actions in order to prevent such events from occurring in the future. The attorneys at Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool represent individuals who have been injured or family members of individuals killed in explosion accidents that have occurred due to the negligence of others. New York State law allows for injured individuals or the family’s of deceased victims to bring forth a claim against the responsible party and recoup compensation for and damages sustained as a result of the explosion. Retaining an experienced attorney can expedite the process for you, in addition to ensuring that you receive the maximum possible compensation.

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