SUV Hops Curb and Injures Two Pedestrians Near Lincoln Center

The injuries suffered by a pedestrian who has been hit by a vehicle may permanently alter the course of their life. On Wednesday morning, an SUV lost control, jumped the curb and struck two pedestrians by the 66th Street- Lincoln Center subway entrance. According to the New York Daily News article, the accident occurred early Wednesday morning and it is unclear what caused the driver of the SUV to lose control. The victims were taken to New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center with serious injuries.

Certain types of major injuries are common occurrences in pedestrian accidents. These include “bumper” injuries that often occur at the height of one’s legs or up to the area of the hips. Such contact often results in broken bones and fractures to the tibia and/or fibula. These are the bones in the lower leg below the knee. Bumper contacts also frequently break the knee (known as the patella itself). The knee is a joint and a fracture to the knee or other joint often involves serious complications. Contact with the bumper also frequently causes a fracture to the femur which is the main leg bone between the knee and the hip. The top of the femur forms a joint with a bone known as the acetabulum. This is the hip joint and a fracture of the hip or any of the pelvic bones surrounding that is also very serious. All of the aforementioned fractures often involve surgery which requires an open reduction and internal fixation, which in the simplest terms is surgery that requires your broken bones to be “reduced” back into place by an open surgery that requires the insertion of hardware. Of course vehicular accidents can and do cause serious injuries and fractures to all parts of the body of the pedestrian. We have handled numerous pedestrian cases that involved paralysis or death. The catastrophic nature of injuries that result from impact between the human body and a vehicle that may weigh thousands of pounds makes it even more essential to carefully choose an attorney with the experience, expertise, and resources to handle your case.

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