Six Children Injured by Electrical Shock at Connecticut Boardwalk Ride

The summer months continue to provide examples of negligence and improper maintenance concerning amusement parks, carnivals and other seasonal attractions. In a report by the New York Daily News, on Tuesday, 6 children received electrical shocks from a Boardwalk ride at Ocean Beach Park in New London, Connecticut. All were rushed to the hospital, with one child suffering burns to his hand from touching a metal bar as he exited the ride. The exact cause of this incident remains under investigation.

Electrical injuries are often caused by negligence and a failure to follow established safety protocols for the grounding of electrical wires. Electrical shock injuries can dramatically alter your quality of life, causing debilitating injuries to your body and organs. Victims of electrical accidents often experience permanent damage to the skin, nervous system, hearing, vision, and more. They also regularly experience seizures and heart attacks. In many cases, contact with an electrical current can cause death or paralysis. Should you survive contact with the electrical source, you may suffer from the damaging effects for the rest of your life.

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