Samsung Galaxy Note7 and the Exploding Battery

While the details of an obvious recall are being worked out, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to turn the off and to stop charging and using them. The risk of fire and explosion associated with the battery for the popular cell phone is a great risk to the health and safety of the consumer. In a report by ABC News, the dangers and incidents associated with these phones is well-documented. Fires have been reported and a recall is imminent.

Large corporations in the United States are responsible for selling a plethora of products to consumers each year and in turn, collecting billions of dollars in profits. These corporations, according to New York State law have a legal, as well as a moral, obligation to ensue that there products are safe for use and consumption and are not defective in any manner.

In the case where the product could be potentially harmful to the consumer’s safety, it is imperative that these corporations provide a proper warning. If corporations fail to provide the aforementioned warnings and knowingly and thus, negligently, sell dangerous products that may injure or seriously harm consumers, such companies can be held liable for their actions. Unfortunately, many of the injuries that result due to defective products could have been prevented had the manufacturer exercised the required degree of caution during the design of the product or provided consumers with adequate warnings regarding the hazardous consequences of using the product in a certain way.

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