Proper medical record-keeping is a vital part of patient care in both a hospital and private clinic/office setting in New York. A failure to keep proper records is a violation of the standard of care in New York, can result in serious medical errors, and can form the basis for a claim of medical malpractice.

As a follow-up to recent news over concerns that the New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation was implementing a new record-keeping system before it was ready, the New York Post is now reporting that an executive at NYC Health & Hospitals has, in fact, resigned over concerns that the upcoming implementation is a pending disaster.

Our partners have handled numerous cases where mistakes in record-keeping have led to incorrect treatments or diagnoses with catastrophic results. For example, a woman’s lung cancer was not timely diagnosed in one case where her internist ordered a chest x-ray, which showed a small but still treatable mass. The doctor never saw the report because it was filed before he was shown it. One year later, the woman’s lung cancer had metastasized and was no longer treatable resulting in her death. At that point. the internist looked at her records and saw the report of the earlier chest x-ray. The case settled primarily because the doctor could offer no reasonable explanation as to why he did not see this report and he had no record-keeping system in place to ensure that he saw it.

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