Once you’ve met with an experienced accident attorney you may be wondering exactly how your case can be proven.

We do this by fully investigating your accident scene so we can try to determine exactly what happened and who is at fault.

Our car accident lawyers gather all the information available, such as where the accident occurred, what the weather was like, which drivers were involved, where each driver stated they were at the time of the accident and what the drivers were doing when the accident occurred.

If you took a photograph at the time of the accident, you will be better off than most. Having a picture of the damage that occurred to both vehicles and the surrounding area can go a long way toward proving your case. The environment around your accident is just as vital as any other picture. It can help tell the story as well.

After your accident, we review the police report. A police report can give us a lot of answers as to how the accident occurred and provide vital information regarding the other driver. We will want to view their licenses and previous issues reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. A police report also gives us the most accurate and current insurance information for the driver so that we can bring a lawsuit against them.

This allows us to put the other driver and their insurance company on notice that we’re looking for compensation for the accident, that we believe the other driver is at fault, and as such should be responsible for the costs you’ve incurred because of the wreck. Accident victims can recover compensation such as lost wages, hospital stays, doctor visits, prescription drug costs, physical therapy, pain and suffering, and any other economic loss.

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