Fatal Fall at Manhattan Construction Site Results in Stop-Work Order from New York City Buildings Department

A worker at a Manhattan construction site plunged 10 stories to his death on Monday when the wooden platform on which he as standing collapsed. According to a report by the New York Daily News, the 62-year old man was doing a survey on the 16th floor when the tragedy occurred. He fell 10 stories before landing on the 6th floor. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The New York City Buildings Department issued a violation to the contractor for failing to safeguard the site and also issued a full stop-work order at the building.

This tragedy underscores the need for enhanced safety at construction sites as well as the the continued efforts of our legal community to hold construction companies accountable for their lapses in safety.

Due to the severity of injuries caused by construction accident falls from heights, it is critical to focus on prevention. To prevent falls, contractors and construction workers should create a safety plan to use while working at heights. The plan should include necessary safety equipment and training with that equipment, depending upon the nature of the specific job.

The nature of the construction industry gives workers a wide range of reasons to be at great heights, and depending upon the circumstances unique in each case, injured workers could be entitled to more than workers’ compensation after a fall. Contractors are required to provide a safe working environment, which includes proper safety precautions. In many situations, New York Labor Law Section 240 gives injured workers compensation after a fall in which the contractor or the owner were not directly or actively at fault.

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