Escalator Malfunction at World Trade Center Oculus Injures 2 People

An escalator at the Oculus at the World Trade Center buckled causing injuries to two men riding the escalator. According to a report by CBS New York, the incident occurred at approximately 7:00am on Thursday morning. The escalator was shut down by the Port Authority pending further investigation.

Escalator accidents, such at the one described above, generally result from negligent inspection and maintenance of the elevator equipment. Escalators must be maintained according to The American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ standards and specifications, ASME A17. Additionally, New York City has its own regulations set out by New York City, N.Y., Code § 27-982 to § 27-1005. If you have been injured due to improper maintenance of an Escalator, you may have a case for negligence against the managing agent of the building or the maintenance company for the escalator. The more a system is automated, the lower the chance of human error causing an issue, and the greater likelihood of negligence in maintenance or repair.

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