Construction Worker Injured When Truck Hits Crane in Morningside Heights

On Monday, April 25, 2016 at approximately 10:30am, a construction worker was injured when the crane he was using was struck by a truck passing the crane on the street. This accident occurred on West 114th Street in Morningside Heights, New York. According to a report by CBS New York, the worker was aloft in the bucket of the crane when the accident occurred. The worker suffered injuries which have been reported as minor at this point.

A collision with a commercial vehicle, whether it is a semi or a delivery truck, usually causes serious injuries to the passengers in the other vehicle. For this reason, commercial vehicles are covered by large commercial insurance policies, and the drivers are held to a higher standard. Accidents still happen, however, and the injured parties must fight the trucking company’s insurance carrier for the compensation they deserve. It is better to let an experienced attorney handle your injury claim.

In addition, due to their immense size, a semi or tractor-trailer can cause devastating effects if involved in an accident, which is part of the reason why commercial truck drivers are required to have additional training to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). However, not all truck drivers have completed the appropriate training before hitting the road. With the potential for life-threatening accidents, we need to hold truck drivers and their companies responsible if they failed to provide or complete the necessary truck driver safety training.

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