Barry Washor Settles Brooklyn Case on Behalf of Injured Construction Worker for $2.75 Million

Our partner, Barry Washor, recently settled a case shortly before trial in Kings County Supreme Court for $2.75 million. The case involved an undocumented Mexican national who was 37 years old at the time of the accident. The plaintiff was working as a laborer doing sheet rocking on a construction project. He was standing on the top rung of a 10′ high ladder, when the ladder began to shake while he was sheet rocking and he lost his balance. He slid down the ladder head first until he was stopped by the bottom rung. The plaintiff’s summary judgment motion was granted pursuant to Labor Law 240(1) as the ladder was in violation of the New York State Labor Law.

The plaintiff sustained multiple injuries requiring surgery including arthroscopic shoulder surgery and a cervical fusion. He had not returned to work since the accident.

After two failed mediation sessions, on the eve of trial, Mr. Washor was able to negotiate a settlement in the amount of $2.75 Million on behalf of the plaintiff. Congratulations to Mr. Washor on this exceptional result.

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