Orlando, Florida has been in the news recently for terrible tragedies that have occurred in that popular vacation destination. As has been widely reported, a 2-year old boy was the victim of an alligator attack while playing on the beach at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. Information has now been revealed which indicates that this terrible tragedy was both foreseeable and preventable if Disney had acted in an appropriate and responsible manner.

A leading personal injury attorney in Miami, Florida, Robert Boyers, Esq., wrote an insightful and scathing blog article about Disney’s responsibility for this tragic event. As Mr. Boyers points out:

“The Grand Floridian Disney resort knew full well that there were gators in their man-made lake. Yet, shockingly, they did nothing to warn their unsuspecting guests. Incredibly, Disney not only failed to tell patrons of this known and very real danger but did not even post any warnings about gators being in this body of water. In fact, instead of warning guests, by creating this beach area, they lured parents and their children toward life threatening harm.”

Mr. Boyers then explains the legal obligation that Disney has towards their guests”

“The law required Disney, like all commercial property owners, to keep their premises reasonably safe for their patrons and to warn of known dangers. If the resort had honestly warned the Graves family of the danger lurking in those waters, they would have been nowhere near that water and their beautiful child would still be alive today.

Disney flouted their sacred obligation to the Graves family and these good people paid a terrible price. Disney needs to be held fully accountable for the lifetime of suffering to which they have subjected this family.”

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