5 People Hurt in Derailment at Penn Station Which NJ Transit Official Laughably Describes as Minor

Sometimes, the response from culpable parties is reasonable. Other times, the response is absurdly laughable on their face. On Monday morning, three NJ Transit cars derailed at Penn Station causing injuries to 5 people. According to a report by CBS New York, a spokesperson for NJ Transit stated that the derailment was “minor”, despite the fact that 5 people were injured when three cars from Northeast Corridor train 3926 from Trenton derailed as the train approached the station.

Unfortunately, we as a society have become well-accustomed to spin and the downplaying of incidents. The fact that a train derailment during morning rush hour at Penn Station can be described by NJ Transit as “minor” is ridiculous, especially to those persons injured. In fact, this derailment is only “minor” when compared to other recent train accidents and tragedies which resulted in the loss of life and dozens of serious injuries. NJ Transit rail service out of Penn Station was suspended for various NJ Transit lines and thousands of commuters had their trains re-routed, delayed or cancelled, including Acela and LIRR trains.

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