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Anoxic Hypoxic Encephalopathy

Seeking Compensation for Families with Children Who Have Brain Injuries

Hypoxic InjuryBabies who suffer oxygen deprivation during birth are at risk for developing serious brain injuries. Without adequate oxygen, the brain can suffer injury in a matter of minutes. When these injuries are caused by medical malpractice, the parents may be able to collect damages for their losses.

If your child suffered a brain injury from lack of oxygen during birth, speak with a medical malpractice attorney today. There are timelines for filing malpractice suits in New York, so it is critical to begin the process as soon as possible.

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Prevention of Oxygen Deprivation is Critical

A hypoxic brain injury occurs when the brain is partially deprived of oxygen. Anoxic brain injuries are caused by a total lack of oxygen to the brain. Encephalopathy is a general term describing abnormal brain function. Hypoxic-anoxic encephalopathy brain injuries, also referred to as HAI, are often caused by medical negligence during the birthing process.

Brain damage to an infant can result in developmental disabilities such as speech problems, learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities, motor skill problems and emotional difficulties. Cerebral palsy is a type of hypoxic-anoxic encephalopathy. Other issues, including seizures, epilepsy and autism, have been linked to these types of brain injuries.

If your physician or nursing staff failed to monitor the condition of the fetus or waited too long to perform a C-section, they may have caused the oxygen deficiency your child suffered. Working with our network of medical experts, we will gather and review the medical evidence in your case to determine liability. If the evidence shows that medical malpractice occurred, we will aggressively pursue your claim for damages.

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