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Top Settlements and Verdicts

Medical Malpractice

$46 Million

Due to a failure of timely intubation, a 24 year old college student went into respiratory arrest resulting in hypoxic brain injury. His family called Queller Fisher Washor Fuchs & Kool and our firm obtained a $46.6 million verdict.

Municipal Liability

$14.5 Million

After two police detectives from Queens were shot and killed as a result of municipal negligence, a top New York personal injury attorney was able achieve a jury verdict of $14.5 million.

Medical Malpractice

$13.2 Million

As a result of medical negligence , a mother died during childbirth. Her family called our firm and we were able to achieve a $13.2 million verdict, and $8 million settlement.

Construction Accident

$10.5 Million

A Queens worker was struck by 20-foot pipe that fell in a trench. He was caused to be paralyzed, and during the trial while the jury was deliberating, top attorneys at our firm were able to attain a $10.5 million settlement.

Medical Malpractice

$8.1 Million

New York City woman died after a medication overdose in a hospital. Her case settlement was $8.1 million.

Car Accident

$5.5 Million

A Bronx woman lost her arm and fractured her back as a result of a car accident. Her case settled for $5.5 million.

Bus Accident/Wrongful Death

$5.05 Million

A Queens woman died after being struck and dragged by a bus. A plaintiff attorney at Queller Fisher Washor Fuchs & Kool obtained a $5.05 Million jury verdict.

Car Accident

$3.2 Million

A Bronx man suffered brain damage as a result of a car accident. His case was handled by the attorneys at Queller Fisher Washor Fuchs & Kool and the case resulted in a $3.2 million jury verdict.

Construction Accident

$2.7 Million

Construction material fell on a laborer's knee at a construction site. The laborer underwent multiple knee surgeries. The experienced personal injury attorneys at our firm obtained a $2.7 million settlement during trial just before closing arguments.

Construction Accident

$2.49 Million

While working on the George Washington Bridge, a bridge painter fell 40 feet, suffering significant injuries. An expert attorney handled the case and the laborer obtained a $2.49 Million jury verdict.

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