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Swimming Pool Accidents

New York Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers

Swimming pools, while enjoyable, can be responsible for devastating accidents when not properly taken care of. Swimming pools that lack signs indicating depth can cause severe injuries such as concussions, fractured skulls, and spinal damage. Additionally, swimming pools can pose a serious danger to small children when they lack a gate or proper fencing surrounding them; occasionally causing heartbreaking accidents. Individuals who have suffered an injury in a swimming pool due to the owner's negligence may be able to recover any damages they suffered by filing a premises liability lawsuit. At Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool, our swimming pool accident lawyers realize that victims can have their lives permanently altered after one of these accidents. As a result, we are committed to helping our clients get their lives back on track following an unnecessary injury. Our attorneys understand that we cannot undo the physical damage done in a swimming pool accident, but we pursue maximum compensation to help ease the financial burden placed upon victims and their families.

Have you or someone you loved suffered a serious injury in a swimming pool? If so, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. For a free, no obligation consultation, call (212) 406-1700 or contact us online. We will evaluate your case and help you determine your legal options.

What Can a Swimming Pool Accident Lawsuit Achieve?

When an individual suffers an injury in a swimming pool, they may be able to recover damages in a lawsuit. Damages are any economic or non-economic losses suffered in an accident. Individuals who have been injured in a swimming pool accident due to negligence may be able to recover compensation for the following damages:

Lost Wages: When an individual suffers an injury in a swimming pool accident, they may be forced to miss significant time at work while recovering. While victims may be able to recoup some of their lost wages through workers' compensation, they may not be able to receive compensation for all losses. As a result, victims may be able to recover compensation for any losses that workers' compensation doesn't cover in a premises liability lawsuit. Furthermore, if the victim is forced to permanently leave the workforce, they may be able to receive compensation for any loss of future earnings.

The Cost of Medical Bills: Serious injuries suffered in swimming pools may cost a fortune in medical bills, require numerous procedures, and frequent trips to the doctor afterward. In some cases, the victim's insurance will not cover the full cost of medical treatment. A premises liability lawsuit can recoup compensation for any medical bills not covered by insurance and any future medical expenses caused by the injury suffered in the swimming pool.

Pain and Suffering: Pain and suffering are non-economic damages for which swimming pool accident victims may be compensated. Non-economic damages include but are not limited to constant physical pain, emotional trauma, and loss of life's enjoyment.

Wrongful Death: When an individual dies in a swimming pool accident, their family may be able to file a lawsuit on their behalf. Families may be able to recover compensation for their loved one's lost wages and future earning potential, loss of consortium, funeral costs, and pain and suffering their loved one may have suffered.

A Premises Liability Lawyer Can Help Determine if You Have a Valid Lawsuit

While individuals who have suffered injuries in a swimming pool accident may be able to file a lawsuit, suffering an injury in and of itself is not grounds for a case. In order to have a valid claim, victims must be able to prove that their injury was caused by the owner's negligence, and the injury caused economic or non-economic damages. In order to prove negligence, the victim must be able to show that the pool owner violated a duty of care. A "Duty of care" is a legal obligation that an individual has to act with a certain degree of care to prevent injury to others. In the case of swimming pools, owners have various responsibilities, such as having fencing around the pool and properly identifying the depth of the various areas of the pool; when an owner fails in these responsibilities they have violated their duty of care. At Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool, our lawyers have decades of combined experience handling premises liability claims. We thoroughly investigate all of our clients' claims in order to prove the property owner acted in a negligent manner. Our ability to prove that the property owner acted negligently has led to a number of favorable verdicts and settlements, including one for $1.5 million.

If you or someone you love suffered an injury in or around a swimming pool, you may have legal recourse. To see if you have a valid case, call (212) 406-1700 or contact us online. Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool will review your claim to see if you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

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